Size Matters Bushwick Open Studios. 28 Sept - 7 Oct 100 Bogart Street
    a group exhibition curated by Norton WR including Michael David, Daniel John Gadd, Melissa Stern, and others.
    Embossed on the eight panes of glass in GATE is the text of "The Kingdom" by poet Jane Hirshfield.
    GATE is one in a series of works using window frames and the poetry of Jane Hirshfield. I began the series 'GATES and WINDOWS' in 2002 when I was working in a wide range of scales from delicate clay hand held books to outdoor installations in wood, steel, and glass that reached 14' tall. I have returned periodically to the idiom of poetry as way of seeing the world and as a frame for time and passage. Jane and I began a friendship at the Vermont Studio Center when we where there for the month of September 2001. The dialogue between the written poem and the visual poem is resurfacing through in my current work Cantos for the Anthropocene.
  • Solo Exhibition Cross Contemporary Art. 2 Nov - 25 Nov Saugerties, NY