• OF THIS. a solo exhibition at Cross Contemporary Art co curated by Jen Dragon and Melinda Stickney-Gibson. 3 Nov - 23 Dec. Opening reception 3 Nov, 5-8. 99 Partition St, Saugerties NY. click HERE FOR DETAILS.
  • Millicent Young and artist poet George Quasha in conversation as part of Art Is/Speaking Portraits, Sunday November 11 at 4pm in the gallery. Click HERE FOR INTERVIEW

"Of This is an installation of sculpture by Millicent Young. Filling the gallery with a survey of her work from the past decade, each sculpture is a sensitive meditation on space and being. Young uses her materials of horsehair, lead, string, wood, wax and paper to capture the vicissitudes of light and shadow. The fierce truth of her forms alternate between a keen awareness and dream-like shadows. A visual poet, Young's work echoes the trembling edges of nature and her suspended installations and wall pieces reflect her long examination of layered luminosity defined by memory and consciousness. Millicent Young's work demands that the viewer take more than a passing glance to really "see" it, and that pause leads to slowing down enough to consider bigger, more open-ended questions."