Art and Earth define us as human beings. The rupture of connection with either renders us senseless and therefore only brutal. The language of art is sensual. It is a language where the difficulties, mysteries, and paradoxes can be held. It is a language that holds. The idea that imagination begets empathy and is awakened by the senses guides all that I attempt as a citizen artist.

The Anthropocene is Now. As defined, it is the epoch we are living in: the Sixth Great Extinction. Extinction is a large word and of such a vast scale that we cannot connect. We are a culture in denial of death; extinction is beyond our American imagination.

To be witness to death is to change the field in which it is occurring. That effect is extraordinary because it is done with open eyes.

I am compelled to make work as witness to our time, to what is vanishing. To shape a language for what we cannot grasp or utter. To not pretend. To effect the field of perception. To speak my love to the dying. To say I am sorry. To remember. To be in awe.

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