Many streams feed the well from which art arises. Poetry for me is one of those many. It has accompanied me from childhood – discovered, studied, spoken aloud, turned to, shared, written. If good, poetry and sculpture, each with their own vocabulary of material, turn toward the unsayable – that which is breathing at the edge of our knowing, the incomprehensible we seek to comprehend. This project of bringing together my visual work with poems that have accompanied me has been one I have wanted to do for a long time but it could not germinate until now: this pandemic time of such vulnerability and the calling for an intimacy and inter being that we have shunned.

The selection of sculptures and poems was intuitive and the project seemed to make itself. Some of the poems still live as yellowed scraps pinned to my studio wall or refrigerator; some have found their way into the three dimensional form of my work. And still others remain within the pages of a book whose binding is cracked open as the door that won’t close. All are molecules of the larger presence that poetry is in my well. I am filled with such a deep gratitude to Jane Hirshfield, Stuart Kestenbaum, and Rebecca Elson – and so many more – for nourishing the soul of the world with their own.
December, 2020

ACCOMPANIMENT contains 44 images of 22 sculptures made between 2009 and 2020 and 14 poems by 3 contemporary poets - Jane Hirshfield, Stuart Kestenbaum, and Rebecca Elson - arranged into a conversation across time and form. Soft cover with perfect binding. 60 pages. $30 plus shipping. Please email me at to inquire.