I use materials that are allusive and have the capacity to carry ideas that are important to me. I am dedicated to process as well. Each hole drilled, hair threaded, knot tied, vine harvested, tree trunk sawed, and sheet lead shaped has been done with my hands. To achieve the right placement of one piece of featherweight washi paper onto wet plaster requires the failure of many others.

I approach difficult content with a minimalist spareness. My work addresses the danger, fragility, and endurance of life and death. I am interested in creating a field of stillness, complexity, and potency that invites contemplation of the unthinkable. Transformation happens where beauty coexists with struggle, where resistance and surrender occur simultaneously, where paradox and vulnerability are present.

My work is witness to life now: the Anthropocene, the Sixth Great Extinction. It is about loss, persistence and the numinosity of both. To witness, is to change the field in which something is occurring. To witness death, to witness beauty, is to become changed by it. To be changed is to create change.